Tails Tuxedo Package

Tails Tuxedo Package

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  • Classic white tie tails, 6 button, peak lapel, black tuxedo (worn opened, never buttoned)
  • 100% tropical weight wool
  • Lapel and pockets trimmed in satin
  • Package includes:
  1. Jacket
  2. Formal pants, regular fit, classic pleated
  3. Formal shirt, regular fit, pleated, lay down or wing tip collar
  4. Bow tie or long tie, large variety of styles to choose from
  5. Vest or cummerbund, large variety of styles to choose from
  6. Studs and cufflinks, several styles to choose from
  7. Shoes, several styles to choose from
  • Available upgrade options:
  1. Formal shirt, slim fit, plain front, lay down collar
  2. Formal shirt, regular fit, plain-front, lay down collar
  3. Formal pants, slim fit, non-pleated
  4. Formal pants, regular fit, non-pleated
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