Rental Info

Packages Includes:
  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • Pleated Shirt: wing-tip or lay-down (we have options for plain shirts)
  • Vest or Cummerbund
  • Pants
  • Long-tie or Bow-tie
  • Studs and Cuff links
  • Shoes
- We have options of slim plain shirts for extra $10
- We have options of regular flat front pants or slim pants for $10
- Slim pants are included on the slim fit tuxedo packages with no additional charge

For the tuxedo rentals we make alterations only on the coat sleeves and the pants bottom in order to adjust them to the length desired by the customer - It has no extra cost, it is included in the package price.

Rental Return
Returns are due on the day after the use date. On weekends they can be returned Sunday or Monday
An additional $25.00 late fee shall be charged for each day of use pass the return date up to a maximum of seven (7) days. On the eight (8) day, customer shall be responsible for replacement cost equal to  five (5) times the regular daily rental rate  of  total rental package or full retail replacement value for missing items inconsideration of merchandise cost and lost revenue.

Turn Around/Reservation Prior to Rental

Even thought we do same day services, for reasons of planning and avoiding last minute problems, the ideal would be making a reservation at least 2 weeks before the use date.

Same day Service
We offer same day service for an additional charge of $20

Drop-off / Pick-ups at Hotels
To make the customer's life easier, we offer drop-off and pick-up at some hotels.
Delivery West LA & Downtown -  $35.00
Pick-up West LA & Downtown - $25.00
Contact the store for more information

The customer doesn't have to worry about cleaning the tuxedo - As soon as they drop-off their rentals we handle all the dry-cleaning process and charges involved.

Shipping to different states

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